Sydney Duncan

Upright Citizen Brigade NY trained
Core Curriculum & Advanced Sketch Program 
Improv: Johnna Scrabis, Achilles Stamatelaky, Morgan Phillips
Sketch: Achilles Stamatelaky, Stephanie Bencin
Other classes taken at Dallas Comedy House & The PIT

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Ghetto Bear Cinema
Celebrity Motivation
Mom picks up Spring Breaker
Don't Rush Challenge
Black Female Joker
Too Hot to Handle
Take Me With You!
Villanelle in Quarantine
I'm On The PHONE!
Looting Target
Everyday Quarantine Makeup Routine
How to Teach your dog about Racism
On Hold
Behind the Black Instagram Square
The Stop Asking Me Game Show!
Central Park Amy
If Carole Baskin was a Black Woman
How did you get here?
Inner Angry Black Woman
Mostly lightskinned/medium folk, but let me know if there is one you want me to do! 

Kim Kardasian West
Tracee Ellis Ross
Meghan Markle reads
Bedtime Stories to British Tabloids
Cardi B in Quarantine
Susie Carmichael
(as a High New Yorker)
Principal Police Chief
Every Student After A College Test
KKW Geography Lesson
Overexcited Choir Director
Solange in Quarantine
FKA Twigs in Quarantine
Beyoncé Fan Album Review
Overdramatic Praise Dancer
Waiting for your crush to
watch your Instastories
More Original Characters and Sketches!!
YouTube Parody!
Unboxing with Tish
CNN Sesame Street 
with Angela Rye
NEWS Parody!
60 Minutes with The "Karens"
with Soledad O'Brien
I Take Responsibility Parody
DANCE Comedy!
Karen Theater Presents: "I have a black husband"
Granny got her reparations check!
The Sun's POV
This is America.
Leaving a Man vs. Leaving a Dog
Angela Davis