Sydney Duncan

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Everyday Quarantine Makeup Routine
How to Teach your dog about Racism
Behind the Black Instagram Square
Kim Kardasian West Impression
Tracee Ellis Ross
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Bedtime Stories to British Tabloids
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FKA Twigs in Quarantine
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CNN w/ Angela Rye
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Character Reel 2020

Working Out with Brenda!
Auditions for Grocery Store Karen
Cardi B in 2070
Sue Wilson working for Trump

Sydney Duncan is a New York based comedian, writer, and actor. She trained extensively at UCB, The PIT, and Dallas Comedy House studying advanced improv, musical improv, and sketch. Before performing in independent character and sketch shows, Sydney was a professional ballet dancer and trained at ABT, Alvin Ailey, Texas Ballet Theater, and Complexions Contemporary Ballet among others. Her credits include Regional Broadway shows such as Will Rogers Follies and Thoroughly Modern Millie, and has appeared in the Netflix show, IGUANA, and Solange Knowles’ music video, When I get home. During the quarantine, she has moved her daily political and pop culture videos of characters, sketches, and impressions to her Tiktok where she now has over 2 million views. She was also just selected to be featured on Comedy Central’s IG and tiktok for Black History Month.

Sydney Duncan

Upright Citizen Brigade NY & PIT Training
Core Curriculum Graduate, Advanced Sketch Program, Character, Musical Improv, TV Writing
Improv: Johnna Scrabis, Achilles Stamatelaky, Morgan Phillips,
Shannon O’Neill, Sarah Claspell, Alex Dickson, Eric Gersen
Sketch: Achilles Stamatelaky, Stephanie Bencin, Sean Conroy, Jon Bader
PIT Improv: Chris Griggs, Dara Shulman, Patrick McCartney

Other classes taken at Dallas Comedy House

Impressions 2021
Trump's Staff Series
Harriet Tubman in Heaven Series
Black Twitter vs. Kayleigh McEnany Series
Stop Asking Me Game Show Series!
Kamala Harris Impression Series
AOC Impression Series 
Amazon returns home from study abroad 
Central Park Amy
Petty Black People News
The Karen Audition
Kerry Washington's Upper Lip
Rep: Chelsea Radler WME
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