Sydney Duncan

Science, more specifically physics, has always been a joy of mine. I love the ability to apply concepts and equations to real-life situations. When I was in high school, I first fell in love with kinematics and the study of movement. I would go to dance class and treat my ballet steps as a movement lab. Trying to think about how I could improve my turns, jumps, and balances by using physics. Later, I became interested in outer space and astrophysics. The formation of galaxies, stars, and the ever-mysterious questions in astronomy intrigued me. The universe is a beautiful vast entity that you can never learn everything about. There is always something new to discover. This is how I feel about ballet. These two fields always bring something new for me to find out about myself and the universe around me. 

Interests: Astrophysics, Cosmology, Observational Astronomy, Spectroscopy, Star formations, Chemical abundances of globular clusters, Galaxies, Experimental Research



Thesis Paper: The physics of Ballet