Sydney Duncan




My love for the arts and sciences led me to the University of Utah, a university offering the opportunity to major in both fields. I have spent the last 4 years training intensively in classical ballet and studying physics. I have performed in several world premieres, created new choreographic pieces of my own, and completed three astrophysics internships within three separate sub-fields. My internships included computational astrophysics, experimental cosmology, and spectroscopy. I am interested in experimental astrophysics and applying what I have learned to real-world applications. The discipline and perseverance I have gained from spending most of my life in ballet have made me an extremely hard working and creatively thinking person. Being presented with a challenge never stops me from working through any situation in front of me.

I believe that the arts and sciences should be more inclusive to women and minorities.  To this end, another pursuit of mine is advocating for women in the STEM fields and being a mentor to young students. I want to encourage eager students to pursue and study anything they put their minds to. My goal is to inspire more young women to study science by showing them that there is no cookie-cutter way of getting there and that there is nothing or no one stopping them from reaching their dreams.